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Anchovies Fish Powder (90g)
Sale priceRs. 425.00
Barker's Dozen Gift Card
Sale priceRs. 1,500.00
Beetroot Treats (200g)
Sale priceRs. 370.00
Bone Shaped Dog Cake (650gm)
Sale priceRs. 1,775.00
Buff Heart (70g)
Sale priceRs. 290.00
Buff Liver Jerky (70g)
Sale priceRs. 285.00
Buff Organ Powder (90g)
Sale priceRs. 650.00
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All natural buff pizzle bully stick chew by Barker's Dozen pet bakery
Buff Pizzle Braided Chew
Sale priceRs. 700.00 Regular priceRs. 780.00
Save 8%
Long lasting chew for dogs. Buff bully stick chew Single-ingredient buff pizzle chew for dogs. Medium size bully stick
Buff Pizzle Chew / Bully stick
Sale priceRs. 350.00 Regular priceRs. 380.00
Buff Tongue (70g)
Sale priceRs. 295.00
Buff Trachea Chew
Sale priceRs. 150.00
Buff Tripe (70g)
Sale priceRs. 255.00
Chicken Bonemeal Powder (90g)
Sale priceRs. 475.00
Chicken Feet (Pack of 6)
Sale priceRs. 190.00
Chicken Liver Jerky (70g)
Sale priceRs. 325.00
Chicken Liver Treats (200g)
Sale priceRs. 385.00
Save 11%
Chicken Neck dog chew for dogs, pack of 3 Chicken neck chew for dogs
Chicken Neck (Pack of 3)
Sale priceRs. 335.00 Regular priceRs. 375.00
Chicken Organ Powder (90g)
Sale priceRs. 450.00
Chicken Treats (200g)
Sale priceRs. 400.00
Chicken Wings (Pack of 4)
Sale priceRs. 250.00
Dog Face Shaped Cake (400gm)
Sale priceRs. 900.00



Pet Parent- Vamika

For nearly six years, Barkers Cake has been a delightful part of my dog's life. The quality and variety of the treats, cakes, and even the chicken broth are unmatched, and it's the only bakery my dog prefers. Aakansha and her team’s extraordinary skill is evident in every product, crafted with care and a genuine love for animals. This bakery is not just a business; it's a testament to her passion for providing the very best for our furry friends. Thank you for all the joy and delicious moments you've brought into our lives.


Pet Parent- Anupama

I have been ordering cake and cupcakes for my furry boy and his friends since 2021 from Barker's dozen. Undoubtedly Akansha is one of the best bakers in town and my fussy boy's favourite too :-) All these cakes we have ordered are always freshly baked, perfectly decorated and looked scrumptious. My boy Archie loves every bite of the cake. Thank you Akansha and team for making our celebrations more special always!!!


Pet Parent- Atul Vartak

These are the yummiest 'Go to treats' for Oreo. Especially the Smoked Chicken Strips and Chicken jerky are his absolute favourites. It’s almost 4 years and he just refuses to eat any other treats. We make sure the stock never runs out. We love the range of products you offer. Placing the order is very convenient and the delivery is prompt. Thank you Barkers dozen for the yum treats.

Joey, Amora and Adria

Pet Parent- Nidhi Sastry

My dogs have been loyal clients of Barker’s Dozen since almost 7 years now. The cakes and dehydrated treats, chews are absolute favourites of my doggos and they wouldn’t approve of any brand other than Barker’s for the same. Give it to their quality of products and their recipes. A special mention to Akanksha and her lovely team for always being open to customisations and requests. Their team has made some of the most gorgeous cakes through these years on birthdays, something that as humans, we are jealous of yet cherish so much. Barker’s needs to be your go to brand for high quality, budget friendly treats, cakes and supplements. ❤️

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