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Birthday cakes for dogs

Dog Birthday coming up? Here’s 6 ways to celebrate!

Birthday cakes for dogs in

Celebrating your Dog’s Birthday

We all see our dogs as our children, or family members. And just as you’d like to celebrate the birthday of a human loved one, you can celebrate the birthday of your furry friends!

Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Get a cake: No birthday is complete without a cake, not even your dog’s. And who better than yours truly for the perfect birthday cake for your dog? Our cakes can be tailored to your dog’s own specific needs, because all dogs are different, and unique. Birthday cakes for dogs
  2. Call a gathering of the paws: Have your friends bring their dogs to the party! They can interact, play and enjoy each other’s company, making for some really adorable moments that you and your fellow pet-parents definitely won’t forget.
  3. Take them to a dog park: There’s a few dog parks around Mumbai, and they’re all great places for your four-legged friend to run around, meet other dogs and play to their hearts’ content. Take them there, let them enjoy themselves on their special day. You can find a list dog parks here
  4.  A spa-day: Dog spas and groomers are gradually becoming more common in Mumbai, so take your dog to one! You can get them looking all cute and adorable on their birthdays, just as you’d do for yourself. Maybe even get them a cute outfit or a pretty little hat for the party. You can find a list of pet spa’s here
  5.  Play games: Playing little games with your dog, or giving them dog puzzles, is not only a great source of enjoyment for both of you, but also stimulates them intellectually and helps keep them sharp.
  6. Gift them something they like: Few things scream “Happy Birthday!” like a meaningful gift does. Be it a chew toy, a squeaky ball, or some delicious treats from Barker’s Dozen, give your dog a gift they’ll love—it’s even better if they pick it out themselves. Pamper them and let them have fun on their special day.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your pup’s birthday the best day of their year, and quite a few of them involve Barker’s Dozen and our delectable cakes and treats, so go ahead, make your pup’s day! Call us on +91 7021535307 to place orders for birthday cakes in Mumbai.

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