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Chef Akanksha Arora

Awesome treats
for pawsome pets

Chef Akanksha Arora started Barker’s Dozen as a healthier alternative to factory-made dog treats for her pets in 2017. We use honest, filler-free, home-grown recipes to deliver the healthiest, most lip-smacking treats for your pets. Barker’s Dozen has grown with the love and trust given to us by our doting clients.

At Barker’s Dozen, we ensure that only the freshest human-grade ingredients go into making our pawsome pet treats. All our treats are tested on humans (Yes, you read that right) and loved by pets all over the country. Go ahead, give us a try!

Chef Akanksha Arora of the Culinary Institute of America


I’ve had a keen interest in food for as far back as I can remember. I’m also a huge pet lover and have grown up in the company of dogs at home. The untimely death of one of my dogs due to unhealthy food, led me to take fierce interest in pet nutrition. This is what finally pushed me to start Barker’s Dozen – a bakery that specializes in nutritious treats and cakes for pets.


We are an all-women team that has a passion for ensuring that our products are healthy, nutritious and affordable at the same time. While we started this pet bakery from home, our clients ever-increasing love and loyalty have made us think bigger. While we’ve now moved to a larger kitchen, our products are still made with the same love and care that got us here! 


We love our pets! And pets love us! At our core, we want to provide a nutritious and balanced diet for pets to ensure they lead a healthy life. We are constantly innovating to find the best mix of ingredients to make our products.  

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